Duo charged with illegal logging in Sabah’s forest reserves and State land

Counsel Aaron Mark Pius, representing the accused together with counsel Chin Kok Seun, applied for a lower bail amount on the grounds that the RM50,000 proposed was too excessive as both accused were the breadwinners and never been found guilty or being charged with any offence before

Movida bomb explosion: Two accused change plea to not guilty

At today’s proceeding, the prosecution was conducted by deputy public prosecutor Mohamad Mustaffa P. Kunyalam, while Imam Wahyudin was represented by lawyers Fareida Mohd and Wong Kar Fai, and Jonius by lawyer Aaron Mark Pius.

Lelaki diarah bela diri peras ugut keluarga Pastor Koh

Peguam Lam, Aaron Mark Pius berkata, perbicaraan disambung 9 dan 10 Dis ini.   “Kami akan membuat pembelaan terbaik untuk melawan pertuduhan ini,” katanya sambil menambah mereka belum memutuskan sama ada akan memanggil saksi lain.